Entry #1

Back at it!

2017-01-03 19:25:33 by S-Rock

Going to dive back into making music. Funny I find myself coming back to newgrounds for publishing. Anyways This year should be GREAT!


I feel it's my nature to stay with the Hip-Hop Modern genre. I believe that's my calling when making beats. When actually playing music is the Rock genre.


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2017-01-03 22:16:30

You do trap? I try, but I'm only okay at it. I'm better off with the SEGA Genesis sound chip :P
Also, you should mix your skills in rock music with hip hop.

(Updated ) S-Rock responds:

To be 100% honest, I have to put more emotion in a beat so the fact that it's hip hop is surprising to me to begin with. but trying different styles is what got me to this state. I can do trap but it would feel fake to me. Not saying you can do something real with the "Trap" genre but it's not in my blood. not saying that what I make in the near future wont come out sounding like trap or something completely different. Who knows what the next one will be. but so far the base of my construction is Hip Hop.

Also I feel like trap music seems to be the same hi hats, same snares most the time, same percussion timing on the hi hats as well. so it was already played out to me once I started listening to the same thing over and over and over, just in a different melody/ groove over it.


2017-01-04 12:37:00

I listened to your joint 777. That can be considered Trap with the right lyrics, you know. I'm glad you give effort to put emotion into your music, 777 was pretty damned good. I enjoy all manner of music, though, especially metal. Metal is the most flexible and complex genre of the modern era. The lyrics can be about pretty much anything, and the mood can be any way you want. It's not all death and hail Satan (though some of it definitely is).

S-Rock responds:

True, I guess I truly don't understand trap from the stand-point of an MC. just because most of them rap with mumbled intent. but certainly I'm a Tool fan 100%, after tool I didn't care for anyone else. I mean, I do care, but damn.


2017-01-04 20:31:58

To each their own, I never cared for Tool. I don't think they're not bad at all, it's just not my kind of rock. I tend to lean toward power metal. The lyrical themes combined with the symphonic sound always makes me forget where I am. Among my favorite bands are Powerwolf, Freedom Call and Alestorm.

S-Rock responds:

Never heard. I agree though. Gotta expand and learn/listen to new ways of life.


2017-01-04 20:32:49

And you're right about most trap MCs: they sound like they forgot their lines.